Crucified With Christ

Crucified With Christ

Galatians 2:11-21

              2 main arguments against the gospel Paul is preaching to the Gentiles.  

  • 1. There is no way that Justification is by Christ alone, because that would undo the law, and we know that the law is holy, and given to us by God. 
  • 2. If you preach Christ alone justifies us apart from the law, then people will give themselves over to sin. 

Luke 6:46

Live Like Christ

1st Peter 2:21

  • 1. In order for a church to remain healthy, sin must be dealt with.
  • 2. Wolves attack shepherds to get sheep
  • 3. Hypocrisy is Lying About Who You Are
  • 4. Your sin does not only affect you. 
  • 5. The enemy will always send distractions

Justified Through Christ

Romans 3:9-12

Crucified With Christ

John 3:17



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