Sermons from February 2024

Sermons from February 2024

Only in the Presence of the Lord

Exodus 33:12-17 Preposition : Moses understood the significance of the Lord’s presence which was evidenced in his unwillingness to leave Sinai without Him. Only as we seek the presence of the Lord will we find what it really means to walk with the Lord.   Experience true ____________________ with the Lord        vv. 12-14 Embrace our true _____________________ in the Lord    vv.  15-17

Jesus In My Place

Jesus In My Place Introduction Today we are going to look at the story about the first African who met Jesus.  We don’t know his name, but we know he is a powerful guy.  He was the secretary/treasurer for the entire southern kingdom of Africa.  On the outside he is a guy who has it all together.  He has money, Power, Fame.  But despite all that, on the inside, he doesn’t know God and he is Searching. And he doesn’t know Jesus…

To Samaria

Introduction We pick up from last week remembering that persecution has run amok in the early church.  Saul was ravaging the church, Christians are getting thrown into jail, Stephen is stoned.   Stephen’s trial really got to Saul, and he responded with frenetic violence.  Because, sometimes that is how people respond to conviction… lash out against the message AND its messengers. The people are scattered… The apostles stay in Jerusalem… regular Christians go and fulfill the great commission.  I believe…

The Tip of the Spear

Introduction Many People are bored in Church.  Just going through the motions.  (get up, get dressed, walk in, grab a doughnut, try to get through the service before the sugar crash.  Go home, do it all again next week)… and we are afflicted with a nagging sense that we ought to be doing something.  That there is some meaningful mission we are supposed to be a part of, but we can’t quite get their mind around what it is, or…