Sermons from December 2021

Sermons from December 2021

By what Authority

Luke 19:45-20:8 Jesus Is the Temple John 2:18-22 Jesus is the Perfect Sacrifice John 1:29 Hebrews 10:11- 14 Ephesians 2:19-22 Jesus Has All Authority Colossians 1:15-18 Matthew 28:18-20  

How Should We Then Live?

Luke 19:11-27 Citizens of Another Kingdom Isaiah 9:6-7 They Are God’s Resources 1st Timothy 6:17-19 Faithfulness Is Rewarded Galatians 6:9 Growth is Not The Measurement of Success, Faithfulness is  

Seek and Save the Lost

Luke 19:1-10 The Story of Zacchaeus A. Zacchaeus was a Sinner (vs 2) B. Zacchaeus Had a Desperate Desire to See Christ (vs 3-4) Jesus Calls Zacchaeus by Name (vs 5) Zacchaeus Joyfully Obeyed the Call (vs 6) A clear Repentance characterized by a changed life (vs 7-8) The Story of Every Christian We are all Sinners (vs 2)  We must have a desperate desire to See Christ (vs 3-4) Jesus Calls us by Name (vs 5) We respond in…