The Aim of Every Christian

The Aim of Every Christian

I Corinthians 9:16-27
Acts 1:8
1. Slave of Christ
Matthew 16:24
v. 16
v. 17
v. 18
2. Slave to Others
v. 19
(1) To the Jews
v. 20
Acts 16:3
(2) To the Gentile
v. 21
(3) To the Weak
v. 22
“But if he is offended by our unnecessary behavior or practices – no matter how good and acceptable these may be in themselves – his problem becomes out problem.” – MacArthur
v. 23
3. Slave to Myself
v. 24
v. 25
v. 26
What was Paul’s Aim? To bring people to saving faith in Jesus Christ
v. 27


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