Final Thoughts and Instructions

Final Thoughts and Instructions

I Corinthians 16:5-24
v. 5-9
1. Make plans but always yield to God’s plans
Proverbs 27:1
James 4:15
v. 10-11
2. Welcome all of God’s servants
II Timothy 1:6-7
I Timothy 4:12-13
3. Give grace to others
v. 12
I Corinthians 13:7
4. Be ready for the battle
v. 13-14
Matthew 26:41
v. 15-18
5. Recognize your leaders
6. Commit to Christian fellowship
v. 19
v. 20
v. 21
v. 22
Revelation 22:20
v. 23
7. Receive His grace today
John 3:16
v. 24

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  1. Linda

    I am so very thankful for Celebration Church, the fellowship and Pastor Chip. Although I have only attended about one year, and rarely with “family” , my family has benefited from what I have learned. I listen to Pastor Chip online and am blessed. I wish his family the very best and am happy for him that he is lead to be with his own family and a new church. I so appreciate the members and others that I’ve met in the church and some that I have known for years.
    I have been attending prayer sessions at another, closer, church and am beginning bible study there. I hope to continue to meet with Linda G, who has encouraged and blessed me. I love Loraine and hope to see her despite where I attend.

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