Sermons by Charles Boswell

Sermons by Charles Boswell

God’s Glorious Grace

Matthew 19:16-30 Shows what I cannot see:     v. 16-22 Supplies what I cannot earn:     v. 23-26 Secures what I cannot keep:    v. 27-30

Christ’s Call to Authentic Discipleship

Matthew 4:18-22 The choice Christ made: The call Christ extends: The change Christ brings: The cost Christ requires: The cost Christ requires: The next step for those who’ve answered Christ’s call: See what Christ sees Seek a listening ear Submit to a changed life Surrender your all Serve Christ completely The next step for those who will answer Christ’s call Realize Christ’s pursuit Receive Christ’s call Release your all Reflect a heart change Resolve to follow Christ Will you answer…

Journey of Faith

From Crises to Confession John 4:46-53   The Crises   The Commitment   The Conviction   The Consequence   The Confession What crises could God use right now to move me toward faith? What’s my next step?    

Faith Opportunities

Matthew 8:18; 23-27 The Disciples 1.  Recognize His Voice 2.  Reflect Obedience 3  Respond Naturally 4  Recall His Presence 5  Request Intervention 6  Realize Faith’s Source 7  Raise His Glory How will you face your faith opportunity?  

Captivated by God’s Empowering Presence

1. The Promise of the Spirit Acts 1:4-5 2. The Purpose of the Spirit Acts  1:8 3. The Possession of the Spirit Acts 2:1-5 4. The Partnership of the Spirit Acts 2:5-6 5. The Power of the Spirit Acts 2:14 6. The Persuasion of the Spirit Acts 2:40-41 7. The Preeminence of the Spirit Acts 4:31    

The Resurrection

John 20:19-31 By Believing You May Have Life What do you believe about the resurrection? A life-changing discovery    V 19-23 Life-changing declaration    Life-changing declaration 24-29 Life-changing decision      V 30-31 John 3:15-17 John 11:25 Romans 10:9-10 What do you believe about the resurrection of Christ? Email us at:       Call us at: (970) 497-4925

The Cross of Christ

John 19:16-30 His faithful submission      v. 16-18 His forever recognition      v. 19-22 His fulfillment of scripture       v. 23-24, 28 His fearless disciples      v. 25-27 His final words     v. 28-30 2 Corinthians 5:14-15 What’s my next step toward the cross of Christ?